OK, so the title needs work.

This is a game I was prototyping a few years ago, back when I was playing around with Flixel. It was inspired by a Ludum Dare game done by Adam Saltsman (creator of Flixel) called Grave Robbers as well as Super Crate Box. There’s also a dash of Lemmings in here, but rather than idiot-proofing the world you’re “controlling” the cute, fuzzy animals as well as elements within the level in hopes of getting them into the right buckets.

As each level progresses, different traps come online meaning you always have to keep an eye out for new things looking to off your critters. It plays a little goofily with the mouse but the concept was originally intended for a touch interface.

This game, as well as Collect Coins. Don’t Die. (from One Game a Week), touches on a this idea I keep coming back to… this idea that rather than moving through a game that gets progressively more difficult you’d stay put in an ever-changing, evolving room. I will probably do something with it on a larger scale some day, but it’s fun to see a piece of that larger concept in these quick protos.

Not shown in this video is the ability to feed each animal their respective food (e.g. carrots -> bunny) to get them to wait a few seconds while they eat. You could also combine like animals by jumping one onto another.

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