The Flash Gaming Summit is going on today in San Francisco today and even if you weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend, you can still get in on the action. They have setup streaming webcams in both presentation rooms so that you can view them from afar!

Robertson Room Streaming:
Fisher Room Streaming:

If you’d like to know what/when will be going on, check out the Flash Gamin Summit 2010 Program. Some of the highlights, in my humble opinion, will be presentations from Adam “Atomic” Saltsman (of Canabalt and Flixel fame), Nitrome and Sean Cooper (most recently known for the Boxhead games), but there’s nothing on the bill that I wouldn’t be interested to follow. Hopefully they’ll be archiving these feeds and making them available online later, but there’s no guarantee so if you’ve got some time today drop in and check it out.

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