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Name That Scrambled NES Game

I’ve always been a fan of the little corners of the internet or App Store that put my nostalgia to the test, so this is my contribution to that part of the web. I’ve taken 100 well-known Nintendo game screenshots and scrambled them up. Can you name them all?

Play Name That Scrambled NES Game here.

NOTE: This was just a quick project so it probably doesn’t work in all browsers (maybe not at all on mobile). If you run into issues, please leave a note in the comments or just play it in Chrome :)

Lazy Thief Released on

This past Friday I released a new web-game called Lazy Thief on Armor Games. It’s a project I chipped away at over the course of about a year with artist and friend Ajay Karat of Devils Garage. It’s hardly the Mona Lisa, but given the circumstances I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I may write a post-mortem one day but for now I’m just enjoying the divine embrace of a recently completed project :D Mmmmmm

This is just a quick demo of a concept I’m working on for a mobile game. I’m going to give it a working title of “Blip”. This demo shows touch controls that work much like the old Lunar Lander game where you fire thrusters to move your “craft”. In this case, touch left or right to move laterally. Touch both left and right to thrust up. The dropped frames are a result of the screen capture. The game itself is super smooth. More coming soon.

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