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On Gender and Game Development

On Playtesting

It may not be the easiest thing to endure, but it might be the most important.

On Prototypes vs. Shipped Games

Don’t let your proto graveyard scare you. Its value cannot be measured in the present.

Whether it’s reusable code, lessons learned or simply having stumbled upon an unexpected idea the value is there. Musicians don’t sit down and write masterpieces start to finish, all screenplays have rewrites and every book has an editor. Games are no different. A discarded prototype may not reveal its worth to you as it’s going into the garbage bin, but that doesn’t mean it was without value.

On Starting AND Finishing Your Game

Don’t forget that we create in order to share. If you don’t finish your work you’re depriving yourself of a lot of the experience, some of which can be the best part. Even if you don’t love it, finish it. A mediocre but complete complete project is almost always better than an unfinished game.


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