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One Game a Week – Week 2

N.Y.A.T.G. (Not Your Average Typing Game) – Week 02 Done.

I focused on learning how to work with SpriteRenderers, nest GameObjects, use iTween and a few other essentials. The concept was designed to support some of the former, but I also made an effort to design a game that I wouldn’t normally or that I didn’t think would be any fun because, well, why not?

I’m not saying this game is “fun” but I’m surprised at how fun it is considering. Ultimately these “One Game a Week” experiments are really more like “One Game a 10 Hours”, which is why I didn’t get to any audio, but hey the experiment marches forward.

Play N.Y.A.T.G. here

Collect Coins. Don’t Die. Week one of the One Game a Week challenge is down. I spent the week learning Unity and getting the game dev essentials figured out. So far I love it.

It’s hard to leave something so unfinished, so unpolished, so under-explored but I think it’s good for me. I can already see the benefit of touching on an idea and moving on. For one, dwelling on a concept doesn’t necessarily improve your skills or thinking… it just refines a game that may not even be worth spending time on. I suspect that after churning through a bunch of games the ones that remain interesting might reveal which ones ARE worth spending time on.

Play Collect Coins. Don’t Die. here.

I may come back and put some thoughts down about this concept, but for now… on to Week Two!

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