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I call this one “Jump”. I’ll pause while you take in the originality of that.

It’s Week 3 of my One Game a Week challenge and while I realize this one is incredibly simplistic and unfinished, this is actually my favorite so far. The concept is that you press and hold to charge your jump and release when the power reaches the appropriate height to collect the pellet. The one other element built in to this point is that the hero (the white square) gets smaller with each pellet he eats, making it progressively harder to hit your target.

As is, it’s surprisingly fun. There are a few other elements I’d like to add to the game that I think might put it over the top though I do want to keep it incredibly quick and simple. I think when I’m ready to pursue one of these for mobile this might be where I start.

One Game a Week – Week 2

N.Y.A.T.G. (Not Your Average Typing Game) – Week 02 Done.

I focused on learning how to work with SpriteRenderers, nest GameObjects, use iTween and a few other essentials. The concept was designed to support some of the former, but I also made an effort to design a game that I wouldn’t normally or that I didn’t think would be any fun because, well, why not?

I’m not saying this game is “fun” but I’m surprised at how fun it is considering. Ultimately these “One Game a Week” experiments are really more like “One Game a 10 Hours”, which is why I didn’t get to any audio, but hey the experiment marches forward.

Play N.Y.A.T.G. here

Collect Coins. Don’t Die. Week one of the One Game a Week challenge is down. I spent the week learning Unity and getting the game dev essentials figured out. So far I love it.

It’s hard to leave something so unfinished, so unpolished, so under-explored but I think it’s good for me. I can already see the benefit of touching on an idea and moving on. For one, dwelling on a concept doesn’t necessarily improve your skills or thinking… it just refines a game that may not even be worth spending time on. I suspect that after churning through a bunch of games the ones that remain interesting might reveal which ones ARE worth spending time on.

Play Collect Coins. Don’t Die. here.

I may come back and put some thoughts down about this concept, but for now… on to Week Two!

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