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Fast and Loose

There’s a lot of #sjw talk on the twitters lately. C’mon. Guys, c’mon.


5 Things Spelunky Can Teach Us About Life

  1. Killing a bat with a whip should be an Olympic sport.
  2. An exit is defined as “A door on the other side of the room. Crap.”
  3. The native home of snakes is inside that pot you just decided to whip, probably.
  4. A terrorist is merely a person who forgot which button does what.
  5. Spiders are assholes.

Bonus: It’s entirely possible the last Ice Age was caused by a herd of wooly mammoths with the sniffles.

If I’m not making any sense go play Spelunky, scrape your confidence off the floor and then come back and reread this list.

Spelunky Coming to Oculus VR

I love you Spelunky. Why do you hate me so? You can view the full size image here.

Bacon Bytes 8 – NES Hard

So I had 4 hearts, I threw this rock and now I’m dead. Let’s go to the tape…

If The Ocarina of Time Was Made Today

There seems to be a trend of allowing users to buy their way through challenges. Isn’t this counter to the point of games?


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