Aaron Simpson and I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Jonathan Gay, co-creator of Flash, to talk to him about what’s been going on with Apple and Adobe these days. OK, so we didn’t actually get to sit down with him, we emailed him questions, but we were seated while we were writing them. Shut up. I’m sorry, let’s never fight again.

Anyway, as a long time Flash enthusiast and recent Mac convert (I do love my iPhone) this has been a topic of great interest to me. So I was very excited when Aaron asked me to help him come up with some questions for Jon.

I will keep this brief because there’s a lot of meat to the interview, though I would like to say this: With Jonathan free from direct involvement in either Adobe or Apple, we knew he would be able to speak openly about the driving forces behind and the implications of Apple’s exclusion of Flash and commitment to HTML5. He brings some thoughts to this discussion that I haven’t yet heard from either side and though there are moments when you’ll wonder if he’s playing favorites (after all Flash is near and dear to his heart) I found his responses to be well thought out, honest and fair.

Before I send you off to the interview I have to thank Jonathan Gay for taking time to indulge our curiosities and to Aaron Simpson for asking me to work with him on this. Discussion is a good thing and I hope Jonathan’s thoughts can help keep it going.

Hop on over to Cold Hard Flash to read the interview with Jonathan Gay, which covers Apple, Adobe Flash and the dwindling population of the Giant Panda. Note: Interview’s panda bear content may be lower than advertised.