I’ve resolved to create more in 2015, which is a decidedly unoriginal resolution. Irony.

Nevertheless, to kick the year off I decided to participate in the 2015 Global Gam Jam, my first jam in quite some time. What follows is some things I either learned, was reminded of or simply found myself thinking about as a result of GGJ2015.

  • I’m not well suited for game jams, I have polish demons. (that’s a lowercase “p”… the ancestry of my demons is unclear)
  • I need to work harder at rapid prototyping. Games don’t need to be polished to reveal their worth. Not everything has to be perfect.
  • I chose too many mechanics for a 48 hour timeframe. A single puzzle mechanic would have been fine. I chose a series of unrelated puzzles and that was a mistake. I ended up cutting one (see title image) and still took longer than the allotted time.
  • I love to draw.
  • I love visual design, particularly the simple and honest aesthetics.
  • I love puzzles, in all forms. It’s a genre I’ve always gravitated towards as a player and should probably focus more on this as a creator. I suspect my best work will come out of a genre I’m passionate about.
  • I enjoy constraints.
  • I have ideas for a wide variety of game jams with unusual (and hopefully interesting) constraints. More on this later.
  • 2015 is off to a great start.

You can play “What Do We Do Now? here. It’s a Flash game, sorry mobile folks.

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