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Date: 27.10.2014

On Challenges & Obstacles

You wouldn’t try to eat an entire loaf of bread in one bite, would you? Of course not. You cut it into slices. Then you take reasonable bites and even still you must chew. This is to say nothing of how much your body breaks down food once you swallow.

Overcoming obstacles and challenges is not unlike eating.

Having a longview is essential to any project, but knowing how to break it up is just as important. You can only accomplish today what you can accomplish today, so don’t let what you have to do in a month keep you from getting to tomorrow.

You have to train yourself to chunk up your projects (or any task) into manageable bites.

You have to learn how to slice and chew and swallow.

Collect Coins. Don’t Die. Week one of the One Game a Week challenge is down. I spent the week learning Unity and getting the game dev essentials figured out. So far I love it.

It’s hard to leave something so unfinished, so unpolished, so under-explored but I think it’s good for me. I can already see the benefit of touching on an idea and moving on. For one, dwelling on a concept doesn’t necessarily improve your skills or thinking… it just refines a game that may not even be worth spending time on. I suspect that after churning through a bunch of games the ones that remain interesting might reveal which ones ARE worth spending time on.

Play Collect Coins. Don’t Die. here.

I may come back and put some thoughts down about this concept, but for now… on to Week Two!

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