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Year: 2013

If The Ocarina of Time Was Made Today

There seems to be a trend of allowing users to buy their way through challenges. Isn’t this counter to the point of games?

This is just a quick peek at a level editor for a mobile game I’m working on. It’s currently codenamed “Quad”.

This is just a quick demo of a concept I’m working on for a mobile game. I’m going to give it a working title of “Blip”. This demo shows touch controls that work much like the old Lunar Lander game where you fire thrusters to move your “craft”. In this case, touch left or right to move laterally. Touch both left and right to thrust up. The dropped frames are a result of the screen capture. The game itself is super smooth. More coming soon.

Board Game Editor

I’m working on a board game and to help design the board I created a level editor. It’ll save me a ton of time while designing the board, not having to hand-write the board, but since we intend to reuse the engine this editor is going to save me a ton of time in the long run. Some of the features include:

  • Add / remove spaces
  • Snap to grid or freeform movement of spaces
  • Change space types
  • Define pathways between spaces
  • Save and reload boards

The colored spaces of course have more meaning in the game itself. The orange spaces, for example, launch a mini game.

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