Here’s a quick teaser of the progress I made this weekend and a quick summary of the stuff that’s changed:

  • removed the springboards, clicking on an animal now makes it jump
  • added food (drop food to temporarily stop animals) – only carrots for bunnies is shown. Eventually these will be in limited supply. Mechanism for placing food not implemented yet
  • warning icons for impending traps
  • added furnaces – these will eventually open and become traps that you’ll have to keep the animals from walking into
  • added saw blades – not deadly yet, but they will be
  • added mines – jump on to kill them, otherwise if an animal walks into one it’ll blow them to pieces
  • added some new placeholder art (warp pipes, simple poof animations for item droppin, sorting bin icons, etc) – just to clean the look up a bit

There’s still quite a bit to do, but I’m extremely pleased with how it’s progressing after only 3 partial days of development. I’m really getting excited about the idea of this on an iPad with touch controls… that could be REALLY fun but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Prototype first, then I’ll worry about release platforms. More to come soon, I promise.

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