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Trainyard Developer Plays Show and Tell

Matt Rix is the guy behind Trainyard, a puzzle game for the iPhone. Besides the fact that it’s on sale for $.99, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. If you don’t have it you should check it out. However this isn’t a review, he’s got enough of those.

Matt was nice enough to share his Trainyard story with the rest of us mortals down here trying to strike app store oil. Beware, Matt’s story is one of those dangerously inspiring stories that’ll make you feel like you too can make millions overnight if you have a good idea. Let me spare you the suspense; you can’t. Well, you probably can’t. As long as you go into his article thinking of it as less of a blueprint and more of a good story, you’ll find it interesting. Don’t get your hopes up if you’re looking for hard sales numbers. It seems yet another developer has been persuaded to keep their detailed sales data to themself. Surprise surprise.

One last thing before I close… Matt talks briefly about Cocos2d, the freely available framework for building iPhone apps. He described it as “similar to Flash”, which caught my attention. It comes packed with physics engines Box2D and Chipmunk, has tilemap support and includes hooks into all sorts of other iPhone and game related needs. I intend to look into it and based on Matt’s recommendation I’ll suggest that any other Flash developers interested in iPhone development go ahead and give it a look as well. Let me know what you find :)

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  1. Hey, I found your site through one of those trackback things. If you’re at all used to Flash development, Cocos2D for iPhone is a fantastic choice. I’d also recommend checking out the Sparrow Framework ( Some people swear by it, but I’ve never actually used it.


  2. Sean James McKenzie

    28.10.2010 — 1:03 am

    Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely look into both. Congrats on a great game and on your success! Please drop me a note if you’ve got another game in the works… love to check it out.

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