Biolab Disaster isn’t the most exciting game I’ve ever played, far from it actually, but this isn’t a game review. The game is built entirely in HTML5, which in and of itself isn’t all that exciting either.

What excites me about this game is that Dominic Szablewski (the creator) was nice enough to make a short “behind the scenes” video showing how the game was built. For Flash game programmers in particular, it’s difficult to conceptualize how a game might be programmed without the techniques and tricks we’ve grown so accustomed to. Dominic’s video does a nice job of pulling back the curtain. For those of you using Flixel, his approach should be very familiar (not to mention that the game itself looks like it was built in Flixel… right down to the bouncing particles, the shaking and the familiar “press X or C to start”). Biolab Disaster was actually built using the forthcoming Impact Game Engine.

Dominic has plans to release the source as well as his level editor, but for now you can play the game here. I’ve included his ~8 minute behind the scenes video below. I always enjoy seeing how other people approach their projects, this is the first “sneak peek” I’ve seen on an HTML5 game. Thanks Dominic!